10 Tricks to sell your house fast in any market...AND IF YOU'RE STUCK, #11 is a GUARANTEED GAME-CHANGER

by:  HomeOffer.org 

We've helped thousands of home owners sell your house fast, and here's what we've learned!

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  1. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE.  This might seem obvious, and for many it is, but a thorough and deep cleaning can greatly increase the chances for a faster sell.  Need help?  Hire a professional cleaning team!

  2. DEPERSONALIZE your home.  People don't want to see YOUR house, they want to envision it as THEIR house.  So by removing your personal touches, you can increase the chances of a sale in a shorter amount of time.  This means switching out photos of your family for art pieces, and removing any trace of you or your loved ones.  If you need help, hire a professional!

  3. FIX UP YOUR HOUSE.  A new paint job and carpet can do WONDERS for a faster offer.  Also manicuring the lawn, bushes, or simply adding new shutters to the front can GREATLY INCREASE the curb appeal.  This means more offers in a shorter amount of time!  If you can't do the work yourself, it's easy to hire the right team, just don't hire the wrong help or it can cost you!

  4. LET LIGHT IN.  Brightness psychologically allows people to see all aspects of the property, which means they will feel more comfortable making you an offer if there's more light!  So open up the blinds, turn on the lights, and if you can afford it, invest in a skylight!

  5. MAKE YOUR HOME AVAILABLE.  As much of a hassle as it can be, when you make the property available for potential buyers to see it, then more buyers will be able to consider the property, which will shorten the time it will take to sell.  Explaining this to your loved ones might not be easy, but the end result might just be worth the cost.

  6. SET THE RIGHT PRICE.  Most home seller's try and get the same amount as their neighbors, which seems logical. However, to increase the speed of the offer, and the closing, lowering the price significantly will usually generate a faster offer.  And the bigger the discount, the faster the sale.  It's not rocket science, it's economics!  The equations is simple.   A Lower Selling price = A Faster Sale.

  7. REMOVE EXCESS CLUTTER AND FURNITURE.  Studies show that LESS IS MORE.  Remove any unwanted, unsightly or excess clutter and furniture to give your property the clean and ready to move in look that home buyers will jump faster at when considering an offer.  

  8. SPREAD THE WORD.  Don't be shy, share the property for sale on social media with your family, friends and colleagues and even strangers. You never know where your fast home offer might come from.  Marketing and Ads are expensive, which is why your agent charges you an arm and a leg for simply listing the property for you.  So help them out, and let the world know your home is for sale!

  9. DON"T GIVE UP.  Keep working hard to sell your home and the results will come.  When you give up is when you might want to just keep the home, even if it's a struggle.  

  10. CONSIDER ALL YOUR OPTIONS.  Many home owners think that using a real estate agent can solve their problems, but don't realize that most agents are just sales people who took a test and simply market your home by posting it on the MLS.  There is another solution to a fast home sale, and the qualified team at HomeOffer.org can help you understand all your options!  

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